Are You Kid-in?

“Hugs your kids at home, but belt them in the car.” – Unknown.

I have observed on innumerable occasions elders walking on roads holding kids by the hand. Only problem being, they’re holding the kid with the wrong hand.

Several pedestrians prefer to walk on roads instead of on pavements. For which of course I admit,  there are a good amount of reasons at least in several parts of India. From shrinking pavements to street vendors occupying significant portions of it, to people who suddenly stop in groups to talk thus obstructing the path, to pavements covered with stuff dogs left behind.

And while driving with pedestrians coming uncomfortably close to your car is bad enough, what’s worse is, seeing them walk with a kid alongside, only with the kid walking on the outside, closer to the traffic instead of being closer to the pavement.

Parents and others who walk with kids alongside need to realize that it is hard enough for drivers to spot grownups itself, as they zip in and out between parked cars and walk alongside while they drive. But it is even more difficult to spot a child who’s perhaps one-third your height.

So whatever be your reason for doing it so far, make it a habit to keep that kid safe the next time you decide to go for a walk with it. Keep them on the inside or on the side of the pavement, not on the side of the road.!


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